I miss you maybe ? Or otherwise?
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Lately ni mmg kerap sgt aku mimpi anis. Aku x tahu la knape . Mcm ade tande . Aku tkot je jd pape dkt dy . Am so sorry for everything anis. I'm really sorry. Aahh why can i be more pathetic ? Dushhh.. I shouldnt listen to him from the start. How i wish i know that this thing would happen to our friendship... If that so, i wont leave you. Leave? No i dont and never. It just you always shut me out. Nah i dont blame u. It just our ego make us grow apart. Then, i thought u really dont bother. You know what? All of my secret i told him... I told that how i miss u so much, am hurting , and really, i'm happy when you're with me. I hate that u feel that am leaving you, but i'm not. I kept quiet cos i know u wouldnt believe me. Deep down, Allah knows the truth. And i wont tell u about this. Kau sedar tak anis? Sejak dri kte form 4 kte mcm ni.. Aku pon x tahan sgt. Ntah la dah smpai mse nye aku give up, sbb tu aku ikot je ape yg kau nak. Aku malas nk gaduh. Ape lg kau org pling rapat dgn aku. Sejak mule2 kte gaduh lg aku hari2 doa yg aku nak kekal jd kwn kau smpai bile2. Tp ntah la.. Dah x de jodoh kot. Maybe not here.. But hereafter . One day..
but know what can i do? Only non stop prayer as your gift. Everyday... 

 "O Allah please protect my best friend, please make her happy and keep her away from miserable life, cos i wasnt there from the start, to make her happy. Draw a smile on her face. Amin"

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Aku mimpi anis malam td . Ye aku confirm tu dy. Mimpi tu besh sgt. Rse mcm real je. Hmm knape bru skrg aku mimpi dy ek ? Anis kau rindu aku ehhh?? Hahaha ke aku rindu kau? Eh tak kan tibe2 je. Aku dah cube lupe kan kau kot. Ok the story is about me and you have a meeting . Lepastu ape ek? Aku ingat2 lupa je . Ala nti la aku sambung.. Nak cube ingat balik... Brb


Ok hok ni lagu ye... Aku dgn anis jumpa secara tibe2. Ktorang jumpa sbb ade sorang kawan ni yg tlong set kan date nye. Ceh mcm dating la pulak. Haha .. Lepastu mse jumpa aku paling bnyk ckp la. Anis ckp jugak tp aku x ingat dy ckp ape . Lepastu ktorang ketawa2.. Rse mcm rapat sgt mcm waktu dulu2. Yeah.. We used to be bestfriend. But now.. We re strangers with memories. Seriously, i miss those moments with her. After that, she asked for me to meet her again next time. And then we slept together.. And then my dreams was dark all around. -sigh- how i wish she knows my untold story. I miss you bestfriend . It's sad to admit that you're my 'ex' bestfriend ... No there is no ex in best friend aite? Maybe one day we'll be friend again.. In jannah. Insyallah. O Allah almighty, please protect anis no matter where she go.. And long live her life. Amin 

My password?
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Password aku simple je senanye.. 

******123 (lol)

Knape kan? Hmm dah lame aku gune password ni since form 4 lgi. It is combination of my name and anis. Hehe coinsidence? I dont think so. Maybe yes maybe not. Semua account yg aku ade, aku gune password ni. So mati la aku kalau ade siapa2 yg gatai tangan nk bukak acc aku. X kesah la dkt mane2 pon.. Ni privacy. I hate org yg kacau privacy aku. If i die ..... Hmmm nvm 

Whatsapp and instagram
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Hai. Aku dah delete semua social network yg aku ade sebelum ni. Yang tggal blogger whatsapp and instagram. Aku malas nak contact dgn manusia. I hate people nowadays . I dont know why. It just make me feel sad of everything.. Those social networks make me feel lifeless cos i have lost my accompany in it . I miss you anis . It is sad to know you dont miss me back. U have to be strong farah ... Make a move. New move . Dont ever look back . Promise?

Flashback 1
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This note was taken from my notepad. Just repost it.

"It is hard . Everything is just hard for me. o Allah.. How long i can bear my tears.. My feelings? I am totally dying inside. Please make it go away. O Allah . Please take care of my best friend. I want to meet her at jannah. I promise i wont leave her . Please make my heart stronger to move on. Move away from the 'old' people. I want it ito end .. Amin"

Private blog
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Hahahaha blog aku private. Only certain people je boleh masuk xD well i feel so genius ! Ahahah "eleh x de spe pon nk tgok" eh biarlah nti aku letak gambar x pkai tudung ke ape.. Hish kan bahaye kalau stranger tgok. Lalala ... Puas hati dgn kerja aku. Weee now i can tell everybody that i have a blog but but but ah ah.... You need password . Lol booozaaiii!!! Lepasni boleh la aku update dgn rse bebas . Nk kutuk ke nak nangis ke so x de siapa tahu kan. Yaaayyy

Done constructing
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So how it is look? Haha simple right? Yeah i like simple. Seriously, am a loner actually. Eventhough i was crowded with many friends at here.. But my soul feels empty without people that i love the most. It is sad. My life is sad. I miss my old life. That is now become sweet memories to me

new blog?
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hello there, new blog again? ok this blog is still under construction . -sigh- ok lets the new begin!!

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